>> EuropeDebate condemns Russia’s war of aggression and expresses its solidarity with the people in Ukraine. Our thoughts are with our colleagues in these terrible times. We also express our full support for all those in Russia who are campaigning for an end to this unprovoked war, to all historians who oppose the aggressive nationalist politics of the past of the Russian leadership and President Putin, to students and faculty who speak up against war despite risk of imprisonment <<

Past Events

Writing Modern European History ‒ Trends, Challenges and Avenues for the Future. Online Round-Table on January 2025, 2022, 6.15 p.m. (CET)

EuropeDebate welcomes editors of four European History Journals to an online round-table on the present and future of European History as a field of research, co-hosted with the University of Freiburg’s history department:

Contemporary European History (Quinn Slobodian, Wellesley)
European History Quarterly (Ilaria Favretto, London)
European Review of History (László Kontler, Vienna/Budapest)
Journal of Modern European History (Miloš Řezník, Warsaw)

The event is open to all. Please use the following Zoom link:

Meeting-ID: 626 2082 5786

Code: xt7uf757U

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