Is European History in Crisis?

Between national spaces of historical enquiry on the one hand and global history on the other: What are European history’s contributions to understanding the past – and the present? What are its challenges at present, and how can they be met?

These questions, surprisingly, have never been discussed in a truly European perspective. EuropeDebate aims to kick off such a debate. It provides a platform for a dialogue among historians from a broad range of historiographies. We aim to both pluralise the debate and to integrate perspectives from fields that usually are not in contact with each other. We take up the productive challenge of global history to search out new avenues for doing European history. We discuss perceptions of crisis – of Europe, of European history – and ask about their consequences.

After EuropeDebates’s first round in fall 2020, a second round of contributions was published in spring 2021 in a weekly rhythm. For spring 2022, a new round of contributions with a new focus is planned. Read the editors’ introductory essay  Why Europe, Which Europe?